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My take on the “New Evangelization”

One of the reasons I wanted to “reboot” this blog is that I often failed to write about things that truly interested me. This meant that my posts rarely fit the “theme” of the blog.

One of the areas I really neglected was the “digital arena” of the Church. The communications and public relations aspect of the faith is an area that is so often “attempted” by various Church entities, but an area that the Church often fails to accomplish its goals in.

So, as I restart my blogging efforts, I definitely want to focus on this area. The Church calls this area, or at least part of it, the New Evangelization” [Link]The idea is that we as Catholics will evangelize “all nations” but in a way that is modern and “meets people where they are.” 

Unfortunately, as Matthew Warner points out in the National Catholic Register, the Church might be falling short in this area a bit,

We’re often looking for the Church to do flashy, obvious, big, grandiose things in regard to its use of technology. We need that, too. But there are more effective things they can be doing which more directly accomplish the mission of the Church. And most of us wouldn’t even see or know about them. In fact, the Vatican may already be doing these things behind the scenes (which would be beyond sweet). However, I’m pretty sure they aren’t. But they (or somebody with the resources and mind of the Church) should be.

As Warner states, we usually want the Church to do big things, and so when it comes to us as individuals, we often act as if we aren’t capable of making an impact. Unfortunately, for us and for the Church, that is the wrong approach. While the Church isn’t perfectly using the technological tools it has available to it, we aren’t doing our part either.

So, in my own small way I am going to try and have an impact. I am going to try to work collectively with the Church to accomplish its mission, and in my own small way do my part as an individual. I am going to attempt to be a digital missionary, and focus on bringing God to the people, rather than trying to bring people to God. I think in my own way, I am better suited for the former task, as opposed to the latter.