Today seems like as good of a day as any to relaunch the blog. It is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so while I do not believe that this blog is so important to share that date, I do find it a fitting date because the Blessed Mother has always been a constant companion of mine in my journey of faith.

Therefore, it seems to me to be as good of a date as any. I hope that this new venture, this new approach, and this new outlook on the blog will help me grow in the faith, and also help me to defend the Church in my small corner of the interwebs that we call the blogosphere.

Hopefully all the links will redirect, all the feeds stay the same, and that very little “maintenance” has to occur for regular readers to follow along. The new blog address is simpler:

You can also follow the blog on all other social media sites, the links are located on the sidebar in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

I look forward to writing and blogging again on a more consistent basis.


  • lgd0708

    Welcome back, Joe!  Site looks great!

    • Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      I want honest criticisms! I know the black and green wont be everyones favorite, but the black and white matches my logo, theme, and more importantly my spirituality. 

  • MikeinCT

    God bless you and good luck on the revitalized blog.  You may just inspire me to “take up arms” again.

  • Ricky Vines

    best wishes

  • Rhoix Leon

    Outstanding! Looks good.
    The redirect works on my side, got here from my dashboard.
    R. León

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    Huzzah! Glad to see you’re back!

  • Kim Vandapool

    I like the clean, sharp look of it. That awesome logo needed to be prominent!

  • Mindy Goorchenko

    Welcome back, Joseph! This new site looks excellent! 

  • J.L.

    This looks great! :) Looking forward to reading more!