Laudamus Te – Magazine for the Extraordinary Form

Thousands of Catholics are familiar with Magnificat, the magazine-missal resource for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a wonderful tool for people to follow along with the prayers of the Mass, without the need for a large hand missal. Although I am a fan of full missals, I know that they aren’t convenient or practical for everyone, especially the elderly.This is a wonderful product that allows people to deepen their faith and come to more fully engage with the Sacrifice of the Mass.

For Catholics that attend the Mass in the usus antiquior or Extraordinary Form, resources are much more scarce. While recent promotion of the form has allowed for a few really excellent hand missals to ramp up production, a periodical publication has not been available, until now.

Laudamus Te – The Magazine of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Liturgy of the Roman Rite will begin publication during Advent this year. While it is definitely a experimental project, it appears that response has been strong enough to kick things off and stay afloat. Subscriptions run $32 for the year, which is a quite reasonable cost.

Here is their explanation of their mission,

Laudamus Te is a seasonal publication providing the daily Mass readings for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass as well as explanatory essays, commentaries by saints and the Church Fathers throughout the 2,000 year history of the Church, and devotional essays by priests, religious, and laity. The publication is intended to draw the faithful into a better understanding of the Mass, inspire deeper meditation and devotion, and educate and inform those who are new to the Extraordinary Form.

They want to give away as many of their premier issue as possible, both to promote the project but to also educate Catholics in the understanding of the EF. I know from personal experience that it takes time and discipline to come to know and understand the Mass in the usus antiquior. So for many, this resource will not only hasten that process, but it will also allow many Catholics to better understand the extraordinary form, as well as to follow along with each Mass itself thereby making individuals feel more comfortable and prayerful.

The nice thing about this resource is that it takes an unfamiliar (to most) liturgy and puts it in a straightforward, page-by-page tool for easy use. Missals from 1962 are not only “in latin” but they also follow a different calendar. For newcomers to the EF, the “follow along” of a periodical such as Laudamus Te will be a huge comfort and help. It will not only allow people to pray along with each Mass, but give them a deeper understanding. Even further though, the magazine has essays and reflections which make this more than just a “Mass tool.”

Please go check it out! These are the types of projects that we need to uphold not only through financial means, but through prayer and intentions as well.