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Priests in public

A quick post here about something I encountered today. I was somewhere quite “busy” and was in a crowded area with lots of people “of all shapes and colors,” if you will. As I turned around I saw a priest. Yes, a priest in a public place of culture/leisure and he was wearing his “collar.”

I guess I shouldn’t be completely shocked, as most of the priests I am fairly familiar with do so, but I know a lot of priests nowadays don’t wear their clerics out to such venues. I pointed father out to my daughter, and she said, “Where’s da priest?” As she looked around, she confirmed with an, “Oh yeah!”

It reminded me of a post from Father Acervo from a few years back. It is worth reading, and to any priests: please where your “collars” in public. You don’t realize the positive impact it has on the laity, and you never know when they will come in handy. I know that it can be difficult at times, but we do appreciate it.

  • Allie

    You know, I totally thought the same thing, “Father Acervo wrote about that on his blog!” and then lo and behold, you cite the very post of which I thought!  :)

    When I was in college, we had a chaplain for a little bit.  It was kinda hard for us to find him in a crowd because he never wore his clerics outside of Mass.  My friends and I were kind of annoyed by that.  What if there was a student that needed him to hear their confession?  What if a student was going through a crisis and needed someone to offer some spiritual counsel?  One couldn’t find him readily (unless you knew who he was) by his street clothes.
    I always find it so edifying when I see a priest who wears his clerics pretty much everywhere unabashedly.  It’s like a sister wearing her habit: it “marks” them as set apart and yet with the people.  It’s a sign of a consecration to God that is singular to their respective vocation.  It’s sad that some are reticent to wear their clerics in public, perhaps out of a misguided desire to “mix with the people” more readily.  I think people want to see their priests in clerics because it reminds them of single-hearted dedication to God and His Church.  :)