The Pope’s First Tweet

The Pope tweeted for the first time today using his personal account: @Pontifex. On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Pope personally tweeted from an iPad. (For Video see Rocco Palmo.)

For those of you who “don’t do Twitter” the following is the screen capture for the Pope’s first couple of tweets:

Pope's Twitter
Pope’s Twitter

While some have “over-played” this news a bit, it is a big moment in the history of the faith.
This is big, not because Twitter itself is all that important in the grand scheme of history, but because it shows a natural progression within the Church.

So many people have wrongly interpreted what the New Evangelization is, or should be. Yet, the Pope has always been well on target with his goals are for the NE, and how digital media plays into the larger narrative of that focus.

While I don’t think the Pope will have a robust presence on Twitter, I do think the presence alone, in the form of a personal account, is remarkable. The medium isn’t always the message. In this specific instance it is, but where I think the Pope will be different, from many other Tweeting Catholics, is that he recognizes that the message is actually the message. When it comes to the Gospel and the life of Christ, what is important is what the story tells us and what it is. Not simply that we tell a story.

I look forward to seeing how the Pope utilizes the medium of Twitter to tell that story. I pray that his presence will lead other clergy to make their presence felt online and embrace the medium, in order to tell the Story.

To follow the Pope you don’t need to have Twitter, you can simply follow his feed at:



  • Claudio Leonel Ordóñez Urrutia

    I was not interested in “doing Twitter” but when our father, the Pope, started, I started this as well. Now I´m just following him, then I will make a plan of how my Tweets can help the church to bring souls for Christ. Greetings from Guatemala. Claudio Leonel Ordóñez Urrutia.