Manti Te’o, Notre Dame, & The Hoax

imagesI took down my original post… there are too many facts, corrections, new facts, and all sorts of developments that are continuing to come out, and change every half-hour or so. I don’t think it is fair to keep the original post up, as it was based on the initial report. I am still of the mind that those involved in this story might have some culpability, but to what degree may be impossible to tell. If you want to read the reports, the best places seem to be Deadspin and ESPN.

The whole story is just insane. Every hour or so new information comes out and it gets stranger and stranger. (The weirdest being that an NFL Fullback is now claiming to have met the alleged girl before Te’o allegedly dated her, and asserts that she is a real person.) I think that once the dust settles there will be a lot of lessons learned, and a lot of lives changed. I just pray that the Te’o famil, Notre Dame, and whatever NFL team drafts Manti Te’o, will in the end be smarter and stronger from all of this.

There will probably be a lot more coming out in the next few days and weeks. It is hard to think that we have seen the end of this story, and it is hard to really know if we will ever know the 100% truth. As I said above, every few hours something new is revealed and the entire story changes once again.

The biggest lesson here is, ‘Don’t lie.’ Lying is harmful. Even the little white, “no one will get hurt” lies.