End Abortion – Pray the Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet

ROU5PACKlgLittle can I write to add to the very smart and holy people out there that advocate the end of abortion on demand in this country.

What I can say is that for some of us, no matter how brave, smart, educated, passionate, or on fire in the faith, we sometimes feel at a loss when it comes to abortion. Many of us feel that we have nothing to offer but our prayers. I realized long ago that I had a lot of friends in the Pro-life advocacy world and I felt ashamed that they were doing so much, and I was doing so little. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but I felt as if I had nothing to offer. The occasional volunteering for a crisis pregnancy center, the token donations to pro-life causes, and a trip to the March for Life or some other commemoration of Roe v. Wade was my Modus Operandi.

But then someone very smart explained that our greatest weapon in this fight truly is prayer. As I reiterate and reinforce on this little blog, we don’t fight people in this world but powers and principalities. We must change hearts and minds, but even more daunting we must change the culture.

So today, this week, or really anytime – if you want to fight the evils of abortion, then pray. The Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet are two very powerful tools at our disposal. Remember not only the children lost, but the women and men who are in a position where they become pregnant and feel there is nothing left but abortion.

So let us do what we can, let us pray. The rigor and exercise of daily prayer of the Rosary or Divine Mercy not only sets ourselves towards God, but those around us. To change a culture God must do the heavy lifting, yet what we must do is interact with people in our lives setting the stage for His conversion. Praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy prepare our hearts, ourselves, for that. By praying these daily, and turning our hearts to God, we allow Him to shine through.

If we feel we can do nothing else, let us pray to end abortion.

  • Jamie

    Thank you so much for this. It was very convicting.