Daughters of St. Paul: “Ask the postulants” Web Vlog

The Imagine Sisters Movement is a fantastic thing. It is group started by some of the Daughters of Saint Paul and a few lay people to help spread and grow female religious vocations. It is fair to say that it is off to a fantastic start.


Similarly, the Daughters of Saint Paul have a few dynamic sisters that have really grabbed social media by the horns and are using it to grown their voice in the world. The most recent example is a fantastic idea called, “Ask the postulants.” It is a YouTube/VLog series and features two younger postulants. Here is their first episode:

This is how you do New Media. It isn’t just about putting the same old message into a new medium, it is about conforming the message to the medium as well. This video is much more effective than a 4 minute video highlighting the Daughters of St. Paul. They deserve kudos and I hope to see more orders doing something similar.

Girls need to see that these are real people living real and holy lives. Yet, by making this a more casual interaction, it gives young women insight into a life of reality, and not one cloaked in mystery. The idea of living a life that is counter-cultural is scary. That is how the evil forces work, making a religious life a real option, that exists in joy, love, and holiness is the best way to appeal to young women.

Hats off to the DSP and Imagine Sisters.


  • Kevinspacey

    This is *not* how you do social media. Softball Q&A in Blue sweater vests with an iBook video cam, canned music, and a goofy gospel of marshmallows and shoe polish jokes is a very weak effort. Virtual meme at its most banal.