Pope Alarm: Habemus Papam Notification System

The Conclave will begin on Tuesday, March 12. Based on the schedule I have seen on Twitter, most of the early votes1 all happen at a time that is fairly convenient for American Catholics. Meaning, that if the white smoke comes billowing out, we can glue ourselves to some sort of technologically capable device to find out who will be the next Pope.

Yet, I awoke in a startle this morning with one thought: “What if they announce the Pope at 3:30am and I dont even find out for 3 or 4 hours!?!?”2

I thought it would be great if there could be some sort of warning system — AND THERE IS!


PopeAlarm.com is a very simply website. They will email or text you, or both, when the white smoke flies out the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. Sign up, because all the cool Catholics are doing it.


We are attending a funeral today, but I will try and get an update later of how and when the Conclave will convene as well as some of the very interesting stories coming out of the Vatican. The Americans are starting to garner lots of interest for various reasons, not excluding some starting to talk heavily about Burke and Dolan.

  1. Within 6 or 7 []
  2. No eyerolls about how bad this mentality is. []