Pope Francis ‘Fathead’: Is Too Much ‘Support’ a Bad Thing?

Right now, in the court of the Catholic blogosphere, the legacy and entirety of Pope Francis’ Papacy is being fought by supporters and concerned Catholics.

Yes, you read that rght. On what amounts to ‘Day 3’ people on both ends of the spectrum are digging in their heals and using rather extreme language. I have seen everything from insinuations of people joining the SSPX on one end of the extreme, to a Twitter #hashtag campaign to get ‘#LoveHimAlready’ trending.

Personally, I think to judge Pope Francis negatively to an extreme degree right now is not only foolish, most likely unfair based on the limited info we have, but also contrary to our understanding and belief of the Catholic faith. I am working on a post about this, but I think it is fair to go on record with this sentiment.

Now… on the other end, things are getting just as out of hand, if not more so. A lot of ‘support’ for our new Pope is rolling in, and there seems to be a few over-zealous supporters. It might be a combination of trying to balance out the detractors and the unique humility and love that Pope Francis seems to exude.

Pope Francis - 'Fathead' for your wall?
Pope Francis – ‘Fathead’ for your wall?

But I wonder if a FatHead takes things a tad to far? In fact, it might fly directly in the face of what Francis will attempt to show us through his Papacy.  It is a nice sentiment… maybe down the road something like this could make sense, it really isn’t that different from a photo of the Pope on your wall… but again, it is Day 3.

Here is the Detroit News write up on this development:

It’s only his second day on the job, but already Pope Francis will live in infamy on the walls of Catholic followers just as celebrities and athletes have lived for years: As a Fathead.

Detroit-based Fathead LLC has released three four-by-six foot Pope Francis Fathead murals, based on photos taken upon the first sighting of Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis. The murals cost $100 each.

“We have always stood by Fathead being all about what is passionate — For Real, and allowing people to bring their favorite inspiration to life,” said Patrick McInnis, chief executive officer of Fathead, in a statement.

What do you think? Can too much ‘support’ like this be a bad thing? Is this a case of too much too soon? I personally feel that we should be a little more moderated in how we show support for the Pope. What he, and the Church, need more than anything our for our prayers and for Catholics to live authentic lives of holy faith, hope and love.

  • Sixupman

    I merely pray that he will be Pope for all of us, including SSPX.