Cardinal Mahony Drives Wedge Between Popes

As I have started to write about, there is some sort of division that is brewing amongst some Catholic faithful. It seems that some Catholics that were not fans of Pope Benedict’s liturgical reforms have found a way to drive a wedge between him and Pope Francis. The wedge is ‘the poor’ or social justice in general.

Instead of talking about redoubling our efforts to ensure that we are living lives of service, some high ranking Catholics in the institutional Church as well as the media have started this narrative. At first it seemed to be an undercurrent but it has now popped up in a major way.

Diane from Te deum laudamus Blog and one of the Brothers Archbold have highlighted the tweets of Cardinal Mahony who has thrown fuel on to the fire in recent days. Here are his tweets:

Mohony Tweets

Read what Diane and Pat Archbold have to say… and let us pray about this situation. We cannot have the faithful divided in half over a misapplication of doctrine and theology.

  • Mark

    Pope Emeritus Benedictus XVI did a great thing by allowing priests to say the Tridentine Mass without the permission of their diocesan bishops . The liturgical reforms in the ‘English Mass’ were also necessary. All that happened was we got a better translation so if you go some attend Holy Mass in another diocese you wont be thrown off. I stand by the decisions that Pope Emeritus Benedictus XVI made and I strongly believe that Pope Francis will stand by his predecessor and his decisions.

  • Tiffany

    Oy. Did he not just write about being called personally to ‘deep humiliation’? This is nearly hysterical to me, since our family’s time in his downtown L.A. cathedral serves as the antithesis to what Pope Francis seems to be calling us towards, in his way. I’ll pray for Cardinal Mahony, his flippancy is a temptation I can relate to!