Taylor Marshall’s Take on the Election of Pope Francis & ‘Traditionalists’

Taylor Marshall has a very direct and heart-felt post about the vitriol that some “trads” have shown since the election of Pope Francis.

Marshall had put all his “chips” in saying that Cardinal Burke would be the next Holy Father. The following is the heart of his post, although you should go and read the whole thing:

I’m “all in” when it comes the Latin Mass, but I am also “all in” when it comes to the Pope. I didn’t leave the Anglican priesthood to pretend to be my own Pope once again only this time in the Catholic Church.
I am enthusiastic about Pope Francis? To be honest, I don’t know very much about His Holiness. Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m not as excited as I would have been if Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Ranjith had walked out on that balcony yesterday. Those who read this blog daily know that my heart and my reputation was set on Burke. Oh well. I’m not God. I was way off the mark. Still, the Holy Father Francis has my filial devotion and obedience.
Let’s give His Holiness some time. Let’s pray for him. If you’re really worried, don’t log on to a blog combox. Fast on bread and water, pray the Rosary more, go to confession more regularly, give alms to the poor, etc.