Giving Pope Francis Time to Learn to ‘Be Pope’

'Father Z'
‘Father Z’

I had a post half written and intended on finishing it this evening. Then I read Father Z’s blog and noticed that he wrote a post that essentially steals my thunder, which isn’t the first time.1 In his post he talks about something which I did  not intend to write about, but that dovetails into this post quite well: Pope Francis purportedly read Romano Guarini, and wrote on his “Spirit of the Liturgy.”

An interesting factoid.

What I planned on writing in my post was how we are all very quick to pit Pope against Pope, and to even judge and weigh the early actions of Pope Francis; not only against our theological and canonical knowledge, but also against Benedict’s pontificate. It seems foolish that we would judge quite so harshly someone, and something, that is new and probably quite unexpected for all concerned.

As Father Z said:

Moreover, as I have been saying all along, Pope Francis needs some time to learn how to be Pope.  We also have to learn to have him be our Pope.

So  let us exercise patience and prayer.


  1. Where are the thought copyright police when you need them?? Which is not to say that I am as smart as he, or that I come up with great ideas all that often… []
  • John Abberton

    Yes, I also appreciate what Fr. Z is saying if only because he is giving an example of patience and understanding to many of his readers who are being rather critical of the new Pope. At the same time I am a bit concerned at what looks like arrogance in the sense that certain people know what it means to “be Pope” and the Pope does not. Giving Francis time to “learn how to be Pope” is based on the presumption that “we” know what it entails but that he is too inexperienced, or something else, to do the job properly just yet. Alright, no doubt he has much to learn, but many things are withheld “from the learned and the clever” in this world and “revealed to mere children”. It just might be that the Holy Spirit who knows better than anyone else what being Pope means has a different agenda than many in the Church and on the blogs – it just might be that something new and different is happening and that it has nothing to do with anyone’s inexperience.