A Pope of Compassion, Love, Humility, and Bravery

I write this post with some trepidation. Over the past few weeks I have argued that we should not drive a wedge amongst Catholics, nor be too quick to compare Pope Francis to… anyone really. Therefore I offer this caveat: this post is not a comparison but more to simply state for the record.

Pope Benedict blessing a sick child

Over at Clay & Spittle there is a beautiful post about the Compassion, Love, Humility and Bravery of Pope Francis, as well as Pope Benedict. You really must go see it…

What we must not forget is that the media is reporting about Francis what they choose to report. This is the same media that has lambasted the Catholic Church, that has attacked the Faith, and has not given an inch. We should be wary of those sheep that have the teeth of wolves. They would like nothing more than to turn Catholic against Catholic, for remember the world will hate us because of Him.