REPORT: Pope Benedict Ill, Suffering From Something ‘very severe’

Pope Emeritus Benedict meets with Pope Francis.
Pope Emeritus Benedict meets with Pope Francis.

It is all over the blogosphere, and it isn’t easy to write about, but it appears that Pope Benedict is “suffering from something very severe.”

Damien Thompson of The Telegraph reports, and everyone is quoting, that video of Benedict greeting Pope Francis was hard to watch, but the reports from Fr. Ray Blake are even more troubling:

The health of Benedict XVI has dramatically diminished in the last two weeks, Paloma Gómez Borrero wrote Tuesday night in the Spanish paper El Mundo. According to her, Benedict suffers from something – quote – “very severe”. She adds: “We won’t have him with us for very much longer”.


Fr. Ray Blake has the video on his website.

This could be the long good-bye with Pope Benedict, and even if it gives us some consolation as to why he stepped down from the Papacy, it still doesn’t mend the hurt in our hearts.

Let us all keep him in prayer, specifically what he asked of us:

“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”


  • Mindy Goorchenko

    Since you are speaking collectively for us and the pain in “our” hearts, I thought I would (callously?) state that I have no pain in my heart regarding Pope Benedict’s stepping down, if that is what you were saying. His wisdom, spirituality, and confidence in Christ have provided all the consolation I should hope to have, We have been more than provided for with Pope Francis and my only true pain in this is that we may not pray as much for Benedict XVI as a Church since he has chosen to finish his final days outside of the public view. God bless him in HIS humility…for he is the one who has it. He has not and will not succumb to any wolves…he is a living saint. Just think what he will do from heaven. Let us pray a Divine Mercy chaplet for him frequently, for even if he is not on the verge of death, prayers will never hurt.

    • Marsha Boles

      Exactly! Many of us do not have pain in our hearts over Pope/Bishop Emeritus’ resignation and have faith that what he did was the best for the Church although it may not always be apparent to everyone. This is not being callous, but accepting of one’s limitations and the fact we should not be overly attached to a particular person or their way of doing things. Let’s us pray for Benedict and open our hearts fully to Pope Francis as he leads the Church.

    • Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      I meant the pain in our hearts from the knowledge of his sickness.

      As to your other points I agree in most part with them. I think that we must embrace the love that we see flowing from Pope Francis and his message to the Church.

  • Mindy Goorchenko

    Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying. God bless him; I am glad to hear today that there is nothing more serious happening than what has already been disclosed.

  • William Sutton

    Faith alone in Christ alone… I do not take pleasure in anyone who is losing their battle to live.