Protestors march outside of Archdiocese of Detroit for ‘Gay-Rights’

So the good Archbishop Vigneron continues to face opposition to his clear explanation of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

r-CATHOLIC-PROTEST-large570Today, protestors marched outside of the Archdiocese of Detroit carrying banners and flags in support of “Gay-Marriage.” From HuffPost-Detroit:

Most of the people carrying signs and rainbow flags while marching slowly along the sidewalk in front of the Archdiocese of Detroit on Thursday afternoon didn’t fit the typical profile a church protester. A majority of the group of 30 or so sign-holders were in their 50s and much older — and they all called themselves Catholics.

Linda Karle-Nelson, 72, and her husband Tom Nelson, 83, organized Thursday’s event in response to recent remarks made by Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron asserting that those who support gay marriage and take Communion are contradicting themselves.

Aside from the misstatement of what Archbishop Vigneron said, there is quite a bit of interesting tid-bits in this article.

The problem is not that these folks are protesting but that we have created a situation within the Church where the faithful believe their opinion is paramount. Or even, that the Archbishop’s opinion is the matter at hand.

The Church isn’t about opinion. It is about the ultimate Truth that is Jesus Christ.

Does the Church need to do a better job of communicating the Doctrine of the Church? Yes.

But this is true about marriage, contraception, co-habitation, social justice, abortion, families, education, and a lot of other things. The Church is pure truth in that it rests upon God. The people of the Church have faults as we all do. Reconciliation is a Sacrament because we all need to be forgiven for our faults. But what we can’t do, or expect, is that the Church will one day say, Sins are ok as long as you do most everything else we say.

Doctrine is a holistic inter-connected system of belief. It exists as a perfect puzzle of truth. Like a mathematical equation, we can’t simply pick and choose what parts we like and don’t and expect the answer to come out correct. Jesus certainly said that the greatest commandments were to love God and love your neighbor. But it doesn’t end there, he finishes by saying that all the rest rely upon those. Meaning: yes, we must love and accept one another but acceptance doesn’t mean that we stop striving for truth.



  • T Nelson

    “The Church isn’t about opinion. It is about the ultimate Truth that is Jesus Christ.”

    Really? You folks ought to read a little Church history and discover some of the ridiculous “truths” they once held. Time to turn on your intellect friend.

    • Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      Two things:
      1) You folks – if you are upset at the Catholic Church because you are a Catholic and believe there is a problem, but then divide the Church, ‘You folks…’ ‘They…’ It goes against the Creed.
      2) Intellect tells us that we must look at Doctrine holistically. For example if we are ONLY supposed to receive the Eucharist in a state of grace, that means no sex outside of marriage, un-chaste actions, etc… without reconciliation. If this is the case then what the Archbishop said is nothing more than truth of Doctrine. (Marriage must be consummated, and therefore to believe that ‘Gay-Marriage’ is proper, you must take in hand that it will be consummated. If the Church says Marriage only exists between one man, and one woman, then anything outside of that is improper – hence the need for reconciliation.)
      What as happened is that some people have taken this as the media has framed it: about the rightness or wrongness of being homosexual. That question actually was never addressed and instead this is about the doctrinal beliefs pertaining to the reception of Communion. Something that I have seen no one but Abp. Vigneron and Dr. Peters address.