Bright Blinding Light

brightsunIf you’re reading this you are either lost, hopelessly devoted, or happened to see that I updated.

My once torrent pace of posting and blogging has lost a lot of steam over the last few years, and while there have been hot and cold periods, as of late1 updating has been almost non-existent.

As I have strayed from the Catholic Blogging world a bit, I realized that life snuck up on me with its bright lights and sucked me into a world of routine and complacency.

I recently wrote a quick message to a friend to say hello and he wrote back in rather candid words what I have been feeling but without the bravery to admit it.

I think that we sometimes find ourselves in a sort of spiritual desert, not a “Dark night of the Soul” but instead the inverse. We are talking the Bright Blinding Light of the Soul. Where the world with all its glitz, glamour, and promises of spectacularness lull our sense of life into a constant struggle to find the next thing that ignites us only to find out that it is a short and depraved faux-quenching of our thirst for life.

It is a silly pursuit really. We have all we ever really need with God and the Church. But us silly little humans continue to pursue that next savory thing to satisfy an unending hunger for “more,” whatever that more is – and for some we will never know.

The only way to shield our eyes, and not be enamored by the bright lights, is to find quiet little corners of life to reset ourselves. Much like a sunny day, the lights and excitement of life are fine, but it is finding a way to exist in them safely, and in a way that doesn’t cause us to stumble or lose our way.

  1. the last couple of months []