All Eyes on World Youth Day

Pope - TimeIf nothing else, World Youth Day serves as a catalyst to bring the eyes of the world’s media to focus upon the Church and the Pope for a  week every few years.

Some blogs and talking Catholic heads have suggested that WYD is a waste of time and money. That such extravagance is contrary to what the Church should model for its flock. There seem to be more and more reasons every year why the event shouldn’t happen.

Yet, when we see the crowds, when we hear youth talk about it, we are again reminded the powerful impact it has on attendees and the faithful around the world.

What I do pray though, is that the event remains to serve as not just a catalyst of media attention on the faith, but also as a catalyst for the young to embrace and center their lives on the faith.

At the last WYD we had the moving image of Pope Benedict, the Adoration, and the storm. WYD should be an event that inspires young Catholics to see such moments as inspiration and hope. Inspire them to live the life of faith, and hope in a God that will see them through any storm. Faith isn’t exciting because it makes the world fun, faith is exciting because it is the promise that makes the world pale in comparison of what is yet to come.