A trial run

Since I re-booted the blog over a year ago, my intention was to go to a much more minimal style blog look.

The change to the Dominican (i.e. Black & White) theme was a first step, I still have felt like TOO much was going on with the blog design still.

So I am going to try this for a while. I know that my readership is down but I would love feedback if you still visit.1

  1. I know that I may need to add some features, especially my social media links, but this is a start and I can always ADD. []
  • Richard Collins

    Yep, I like it. Very Dominican which is a good thing but, I find the title typeface a shade difficult to read. God bless, keep up your excellent blogging.

    • http://defendusinbattleblog.com Joe

      Title in the HEADER of the blog, or the title of each post?

  • http://awomansplaceis.blogspot.com/ Cam

    I like it too!

  • Jean Pergande

    Just keep doing what you do best and keep writing when you can.

  • Brian Sullivan

    It’s like my first TV!

    • http://defendusinbattleblog.com/ Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      Mine too! Now I don’t have a TV.

  • RLeón

    You need an image of Pope Pius V in the right side column… other than that it’s good to go.

    • http://defendusinbattleblog.com/ Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      Maybe P. Leo XIII?

      • RLeón

        I suppose… but with Saint Pope Pius V you have a Dominican, the victory of Lepanto and all that good stuff. Plus he’s got a cool beard.