Where is God in all of this? – Robin Williams, RIP

While many are listing their favorite movie, their theological arguments about the state of his soul, my one thought goes to a line in a much misunderstood movie of his:

What Dreams May Come“: A story about a man who dies (Williams) and goes to Heaven, but risks eternal damnation by going into Hell to rescue his wife after she commits suicide in the wake of his death.


Chris Nielsen (Williams’ Character): Where is God in all of this?

Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr.): Oh, He’s up there. Somewhere… shouting down that He loves us. Wondering why we can’t hear Him. You think?

  • Allison Grace

    One that we have not seen. Interested now.

    • http://defendusinbattleblog.com/ Joe @ DefendUsInBattle Blog

      It is weird, and theologically – interesting.
      I think you have to watch it and let it challenge you intellectually, not take it simply “as is.”

  • tj.nelson

    I never saw this either. I’ll check it out – thanks Joe.