Vandalism at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage

Long time, no blog – but unfortuantely I come bearing bad news.

Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage, Alaska was pretty badly vanalized the other day. I frequented the Cathedral whenever we went up, and it is overseen by the AMAZING Dominican priests.

altarvandI will try and update as more information comes out, but for now you can check some of the O.P.’s facebook pages:

He took a video walk-through of the vandalism. While some may say that this isn’t a big deal, or turn this and make it into an opportunity to speak to what the Church or the Cathedral could/should do differently – that distracts from the fact that someone had intent in their heart to do this. It wasn’t the first time something happened either. This is an ongoing problem, and the worst part is this is a church/parish that does more than almost any other parish I have ever seen to give back to the community.

Please keep them in your prayers.

  • Mindy

    Definitely a sad thing…it certainly could have been worse, and perhaps the person who did it was mentally deranged or very, very drunk. I do take heart that the Blessed Sacrament was not desecrated, etc. I can’t help but think that true mal-intent in the heart would have resulted in a far more profane sacrilege. But still, this is a sorrow. May God have mercy. Perhaps the person was very mad at God. :-( ~Mindy

  • Kelly

    Perhaps someone with good reason to be frustrated with the Catholic Church is lashing out. Maybe it’s a good time for church leaders and members to reflect on how to proceed. I read recently on a blog about a mother who was concerned how her child with autism was being treated at a Catholic Church. It certainly gave me more reason to be concerned about the Church leaders and members who support them.

    *** The painfully slow process of uncovering the child abuse that happened within the Catholic Church continues. The members of the church continue to try and protect the wrong people, at the expense of victims, their families and the American people. ***

    The Archdiocese of Chicago has voluntarily released documents related to 36 Archdiocesan priests who have at least one substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor. These documents are in addition to those released in January on 30 other priests. This release, together with the January release, covers priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with minors identified on the Archdiocese’s website as of November 2014. Documents pertaining to two priests, former Rev. Daniel J. McCormack and Rev. Edward J. Maloney, are not included, due to ongoing processes that do not permit release.

    Inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Protection of Children and Youth, Archdiocese of Chicago, PO Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690.