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Protestors march outside of Archdiocese of Detroit for ‘Gay-Rights’

So the good Archbishop Vigneron continues to face opposition to his clear explanation of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

r-CATHOLIC-PROTEST-large570Today, protestors marched outside of the Archdiocese of Detroit carrying banners and flags in support of “Gay-Marriage.” From HuffPost-Detroit:

Most of the people carrying signs and rainbow flags while marching slowly along the sidewalk in front of the Archdiocese of Detroit on Thursday afternoon didn’t fit the typical profile a church protester. A majority of the group of 30 or so sign-holders were in their 50s and much older — and they all called themselves Catholics.

Linda Karle-Nelson, 72, and her husband Tom Nelson, 83, organized Thursday’s event in response to recent remarks made by Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron asserting that those who support gay marriage and take Communion are contradicting themselves.

Aside from the misstatement of what Archbishop Vigneron said, there is quite a bit of interesting tid-bits in this article.

The problem is not that these folks are protesting but that we have created a situation within the Church where the faithful believe their opinion is paramount. Or even, that the Archbishop’s opinion is the matter at hand.

The Church isn’t about opinion. It is about the ultimate Truth that is Jesus Christ.

Does the Church need to do a better job of communicating the Doctrine of the Church? Yes.

But this is true about marriage, contraception, co-habitation, social justice, abortion, families, education, and a lot of other things. The Church is pure truth in that it rests upon God. The people of the Church have faults as we all do. Reconciliation is a Sacrament because we all need to be forgiven for our faults. But what we can’t do, or expect, is that the Church will one day say, Sins are ok as long as you do most everything else we say.

Doctrine is a holistic inter-connected system of belief. It exists as a perfect puzzle of truth. Like a mathematical equation, we can’t simply pick and choose what parts we like and don’t and expect the answer to come out correct. Jesus certainly said that the greatest commandments were to love God and love your neighbor. But it doesn’t end there, he finishes by saying that all the rest rely upon those. Meaning: yes, we must love and accept one another but acceptance doesn’t mean that we stop striving for truth.



Defending the faith in the battles of everyday life

guns-255x255Politics and Faith often are not far from one another in American culture and society. Many Catholics shy away from injecting their faith too far into religion, but a proper understanding, I believe, if that our faith must animate and drive our political beliefs.

That being said, I found two articles yesterday worth reading I think they are prime examples of just how that occurs.

The first by Pia De Solenni,: “Guns and Gun Control.” This is often a touchy subject for some Catholics and I believe she does an excellent job at fairly talking about the issue.

Nevertheless, as a Catholic theologian, I am troubled by accounts suggesting that Catholics who don’t support the U.S. bishops on gun control are  akin to Catholics who disagree with fundamental moral teachings like  contraception, abortion and marriage.

Regardless of the passion of some gun-control advocates, there exist clear  distinctions between these issues.

The article is worth the read regardless of what side of this you are on.

The second is about fighting the pro-life battle in the political arena, and not just by defending life, but actually going on the tactical offensive a bit. Dave Weigel talks about how in Virginia a move by an off-shoot of the SBA List is putting messaging about the danger to women’s health through some pro-abortion laws.

Pro-life politicians have talked all year about flipping the script on Democrats and making them struggle to explain their abortion stances. To a very large extent, that was the point of the campaign to spur more coverage of Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial in Philadelphia. Why should Todd Akin have to answer a hypothetical question about the ugly aspects of banning abortion? Make Democrats answer hypotheticals about the ugliest aspects of legalization.

Again, worth the read, and an interesting race developing there in Virginia.

It is important to remember that as Catholics, our beliefs of the faith, our adherence to the Church’s teaching, and our moral convictions are not “stances on issues” but the inner core of our philosophical base. They are what should animate our political beliefs and our social understanding.

As I mentioned yesterday, where we get into trouble is when we attempt to fit our faith to our social and political beliefs – it should be that we fit those to the teachings of the Church and Jesus Christ.

Michigan Lawyer to Receive SBA List “Young Leader Award” at Campaing for Life Gala

katie wThe Susan B. Anthony List recognizes a few young leaders each year for their work and dedication to the Pro-Life cause at their annual Campaign For Life Gala.

This year one of the four women honored is from Michigan, and I have the pleasure of knowing her personally. Here is what the SBA List press release has to say about the honor:

The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) today announced the four honorees who will receive the Susan B. Anthony Young Leader Award at the group’s annual Campaign for Life Gala on April 11 in Washington, D.C. The event will also feature Rep. Paul Ryan as the keynote speaker and Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who will be honored with the Distinguished Leader Award. More information is available at

“These young women are leaders when it comes to protecting life at all stages. Like Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Congressman Ryan, they do not back down from a fight.” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List.  “Each one of these women has a unique set of talents and is using them to strengthen and grow the pro-life movement. We are grateful for these trailblazers who embody the legacy of our namesake, Susan B. Anthony.”

The award winner from Michigan is Mary Catherine Wilcox. The SBA List said the following about the reason for her recognition:

Katie Wilcox – Katie is a lawyer at a Michigan firm and graduated from Ave Maria School of Law where she served as Vice President of the Lex Vitae (“Law of Life”) Society. Her law review note, “Why the Equal Protection Clause Cannot ‘Fix’ Abortion Law,” was published in the Human Life Review and the Ave Maria Law Review. In high school, Katie volunteered for Right to Life of Michigan and started a Students for Life club. She went on to serve as President of Michigan State University Students for Life, where she planned the first statewide pro-life rally on MSU campus, and eventually founded Students for Life of Michigan.

In knowing her personally, I find it interesting to read a paragraph about her accomplishments because it really just scratches the surface of what she does for the movement. We should congratulate her, and the other women for their dedication and love that they pour into the Pro-Life Mission. It really is the Mission of the Church.

Right to Life of Michigan also had a nice write-up:

Katie was nominated for her already extensive career with building involvement in prolife organizations. Involved in prolife work at a young age, Katie was a state finalist at the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund High School Oratory Contest. While in college she served as president of Michigan State University Students for Life. Her involvement on campus inspired her to found Students for Life of Michigan in 2005, an organization that provides support and leadership development for Students for Life chapters across the state of Michigan.


End Abortion – Pray the Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet

ROU5PACKlgLittle can I write to add to the very smart and holy people out there that advocate the end of abortion on demand in this country.

What I can say is that for some of us, no matter how brave, smart, educated, passionate, or on fire in the faith, we sometimes feel at a loss when it comes to abortion. Many of us feel that we have nothing to offer but our prayers. I realized long ago that I had a lot of friends in the Pro-life advocacy world and I felt ashamed that they were doing so much, and I was doing so little. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but I felt as if I had nothing to offer. The occasional volunteering for a crisis pregnancy center, the token donations to pro-life causes, and a trip to the March for Life or some other commemoration of Roe v. Wade was my Modus Operandi.

But then someone very smart explained that our greatest weapon in this fight truly is prayer. As I reiterate and reinforce on this little blog, we don’t fight people in this world but powers and principalities. We must change hearts and minds, but even more daunting we must change the culture.

So today, this week, or really anytime – if you want to fight the evils of abortion, then pray. The Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet are two very powerful tools at our disposal. Remember not only the children lost, but the women and men who are in a position where they become pregnant and feel there is nothing left but abortion.

So let us do what we can, let us pray. The rigor and exercise of daily prayer of the Rosary or Divine Mercy not only sets ourselves towards God, but those around us. To change a culture God must do the heavy lifting, yet what we must do is interact with people in our lives setting the stage for His conversion. Praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy prepare our hearts, ourselves, for that. By praying these daily, and turning our hearts to God, we allow Him to shine through.

If we feel we can do nothing else, let us pray to end abortion.

Euthanasia: Fancy Suicide?

By now, many of us have read about the 45yr old twin brothers in Belgium that chose to be euthanized. Their decision stemmed from the fact that they were born deaf and were going to go blind.


Here is an account of the situation:

David Dufour, the doctor who presided over the euthanasia, said the twins had died together and had taken the decision in “full conscience”.

“They were very happy. It was a relief to see the end of their suffering,” he said. “They had a cup of coffee in the hall, it went well and a rich conversation. Then the separation from their parents and brother was very serene. At the last there was a little wave of their hands and then they were gone.”

They were happy? Does happiness lead a person to ask to be killed? Suffering… what suffering? The pain of loss? Granted, it would be an unimaginable hardship to have the loss of TWO senses.

What makes this so horrifying is that we abhor suicide in our world, as we should, but somehow Euthanasia is somehow becoming acceptable, and in some places REQUIRED. But what is the line of demarcation?

As Terry points out, “These poor men must not have understood that they have a soul, and that God exists, and that he loves them:  That what is invisible is important.”

Isn’t this just an “fancy suicide” then? Just people with a hole in their heart that want to justify their weakness through a doctor’s order? It is simply ugliness putting on pretty clothes, and nothing more.

This isn’t mercy. Mercy is justice ignored for the sake of love. This is love ignored for the sake of fear, weakness, and doubt.

Michigan: Pro-Life Omnibus Bill Moves to Gov’s Desk

From Right to Life of Michigan’s Blog:

The Prolife Bus moves to Gov. Snyder

As with any journey which includes unexpected roadblocks and detours, when you have arrived at your destination there is cause for celebration.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Prolife people never gave up, never got off the Prolife Bus. They knew this legislation was needed.”

The Prolife Bus or Omnibus bill, H.B. 5711, addresses the persistent pattern of neglect in regulating abortion clinic practices in Michigan. There was a long overdue need for governmental reforms. Women’s safety was being compromised. But that will change when the Prolife Bus bill is signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder.

On December 14, in the wee hours of the morning, the concurring votes were taken in the Michigan House and Senate, both by overwhelming 2 to 1 margins. The last stop for the Prolife Bus bill is the Governor’s desk.

In the 2011-2012 session, a Partial Birth Abortion Ban was enacted; abortion coverage from ALL insurance plans in Michigan was eliminated; and the first omnibus prolife bill in the history of Michigan was passed. This is historic and unprecedented.

Dedicated prolife people and faithful prolife lawmakers made all of these accomplishments possible. It is time to celebrate and thank our prolife legislators with calls and e-mail messages!

Every victory is worthy.


New CatholicVote 2012 Video: “A Prayer for America”

Wow. Homerun.

Share far and wide.

This is‘s new 2012 election video. It might just be the best one yet. Really puts this election, and really everything into perspective.
As Archbishop Chaput reminds us:

Politics is important. How we vote in November will help choose
the course for our nation, for good or ill. But as Christians,
our story began long before this campaign season. It will
continue long after.




Autocam & CatholicVote file lawsuit against Sebelius and Dept. HHS

Some Catholics are truly fighting back against the HHS Mandate. The mandate, which went into effect on August 1st, 2012, requires businesses to cover certain things in their health care plans such as contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization procedures. This is the case, even if it violates the business owners religious beliefs. Yet, these business owners and Catholic organizations around the country are fighting back by filing lawsuits against the mandate, Kathleen Sebelius, and the Department of HHS. These businesses want to continue to give their employees health care coverage, but they shouldn’t have to violate their religious beliefs to do so. Today, Autocam, a business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has filed a lawsuit doing just that – opposing the HHS Mandate on constitutional grounds.

John Kennedy, the CEO of Autocam, has filed a lawsuit today, with the help of’s Legal Defense Fund, against Kathleen Sebelius. Autocam offers their employees excellent health care coverage. But now, because of the mandate, they are in danger of being forced to drop that coverage because the owner is forced by the mandate to cover things that go against his Catholic beliefs. This is immoral and unconstitutional. So he is fighting back. Continue reading