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Why Most Of Us Were Wrong

So, that didn’t go as I predicted. But I wasn’t the only one, and in fact a lot of people are surprised. The numbers which are finally becoming a lot clearer paint a rather interesting picture. There will be a lot of speculation and postmortem analysis in other posts, but here are some factual observations that can be made as to why my prediction was so off. This post is more about the prediction failure than the campaign failure. Continue reading


Things to watch for on election night

The race for the White House will be center stage all evening, as it should be. I personally will be watching that with a stoic gaze.1 But there are some other sub-plots that will be quite interesting to watch. For me, I like the drama of the B-sides in the big elections, so let me give a list of things to watch for should the big race become dull quickly with someone running away early. Continue reading

  1. More on that on Wednesday… regardless of the outcome. []

My Election Projection – 2012

A few of you have asked for this, and to be honest I didn’t want to do it because I haven’t had the time to really look at the polls as much as I wanted to the last couple of days. I did do a little checking today though, and feel better about making a prediction.1

First, let me give you the map and then I will go into my analysis: Continue reading

  1. Major hat-tip to @Baseballcrank for his post format, which I unabashedly copy here. []

Could there be an Electoral “Landslide”?

This was going to be a very wonkish post, but I realized that I didn’t have the time to do the hard-core research and citation for such a post.1 The basic theory I  have is a little complex and is premised on a lot of “If this…then that’s”, so rather than boring you with too much set-up for the punchline I will get right to the juicy details. Continue reading

  1. Citations are important, and I wish more blogs did them at least for facts and figures. []

USCCB Statement on Biden’s HHS Mandate Comments

Last night, during the Vice Presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden made a very interesting comment about the HHS Mandate. The comment he made was patently false. Today the USCCB responded in a very direct manner. The following is their statement: Continue reading


Bishop Paprocki: “State Journal-Register twisted my words.”

We posted about Bishop Paprocki’s strong statement regarding Catholics and voting. He is one of the strongest advocates of making sure that Catholics know the gravity of the decisions they make in the voting booth. We applaud him for that effort.

Yet, the Illinois State Journal-Register does not. Yesterday, they posted an editorial that attacked the Bishop’s recent statements . They claim his statements are divisive, and “[i]f Paprocki didn’t cross the line, he certainly inched a few toes over it.” Continue reading