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Cardinal Mahony Drives Wedge Between Popes

As I have started to write about, there is some sort of division that is brewing amongst some Catholic faithful. It seems that some Catholics that were not fans of Pope Benedict’s liturgical reforms have found a way to drive a wedge between him and Pope Francis. The wedge is ‘the poor’ or social justice in general.

Instead of talking about redoubling our efforts to ensure that we are living lives of service, some high ranking Catholics in the institutional Church as well as the media have started this narrative. At first it seemed to be an undercurrent but it has now popped up in a major way.

Diane from Te deum laudamus Blog and one of the Brothers Archbold have highlighted the tweets of Cardinal Mahony who has thrown fuel on to the fire in recent days. Here are his tweets:

Mohony Tweets

Read what Diane and Pat Archbold have to say… and let us pray about this situation. We cannot have the faithful divided in half over a misapplication of doctrine and theology.

The Pope’s First Tweet

The Pope tweeted for the first time today using his personal account: @Pontifex. On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Pope personally tweeted from an iPad. (For Video see Rocco Palmo.)

For those of you who “don’t do Twitter” the following is the screen capture for the Pope’s first couple of tweets:

Pope's Twitter
Pope’s Twitter

While some have “over-played” this news a bit, it is a big moment in the history of the faith.
This is big, not because Twitter itself is all that important in the grand scheme of history, but because it shows a natural progression within the Church. Continue reading

Laudamus Te – A magazine for the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) of the Mass: A Review

Laudamus Te

A few weeks ago we previewed a new magazine, or periodical, missal for the extraordinary form (Tridentine Latin Mass) called Laudamus Te. You can read that post here. There was some uncertainty of whether it would get off the ground, but today I received my Advent 2012 – Volume 1, Issue 1 in the mail. I am quite excited and decided to do a review of it. I am sure others will give you a much more academic and detailed review, but as our family attends the Mass in usus antiquior semi-regularly it seemed that a review from my perspective would be helpful to some.1 Continue reading

  1. Full disclosure: I paid for this subscription and nothing was offered to me in return or for free for this review. []

New CatholicVote 2012 Video: “A Prayer for America”

Wow. Homerun.

Share far and wide.

This is‘s new 2012 election video. It might just be the best one yet. Really puts this election, and really everything into perspective.
As Archbishop Chaput reminds us:

Politics is important. How we vote in November will help choose
the course for our nation, for good or ill. But as Christians,
our story began long before this campaign season. It will
continue long after.




Subsidiarity Explained – A CatholicVote Video

CatholicVote is well known for producing really powerful videos. The newest one is no exception. Although it is a slightly different focus, it is still good nonetheless. The newest video tackles subsidiarity in about 3 minutes and with a wipe-off board.

Check it out:


Bishop Paprocki: “State Journal-Register twisted my words.”

We posted about Bishop Paprocki’s strong statement regarding Catholics and voting. He is one of the strongest advocates of making sure that Catholics know the gravity of the decisions they make in the voting booth. We applaud him for that effort.

Yet, the Illinois State Journal-Register does not. Yesterday, they posted an editorial that attacked the Bishop’s recent statements . They claim his statements are divisive, and “[i]f Paprocki didn’t cross the line, he certainly inched a few toes over it.” Continue reading

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My take on the “New Evangelization”

One of the reasons I wanted to “reboot” this blog is that I often failed to write about things that truly interested me. This meant that my posts rarely fit the “theme” of the blog.

One of the areas I really neglected was the “digital arena” of the Church. The communications and public relations aspect of the faith is an area that is so often “attempted” by various Church entities, but an area that the Church often fails to accomplish its goals in. Continue reading


We Are Catholic


The time has come to take a different approach. As I have grown both personally and professionally, I realized that my original blog had a lot of “baggage.” I had not prudentially considered the topics which I posted about, or properly discerned how to best talk about them. I got caught up in the “glitz and glamor” (I say that ‘tongue-in-cheek’ of course) that sometimes accompanies blogging. So, at the behest of a trusted friend, and the promptings of prayer – I decided to “reboot” the blog. Continue reading