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Laudamus Te – A magazine for the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) of the Mass: A Review

Laudamus Te

A few weeks ago we previewed a new magazine, or periodical, missal for the extraordinary form (Tridentine Latin Mass) called Laudamus Te. You can read that post here. There was some uncertainty of whether it would get off the ground, but today I received my Advent 2012 – Volume 1, Issue 1 in the mail. I am quite excited and decided to do a review of it. I am sure others will give you a much more academic and detailed review, but as our family attends the Mass in usus antiquior semi-regularly it seemed that a review from my perspective would be helpful to some.1 Continue reading

  1. Full disclosure: I paid for this subscription and nothing was offered to me in return or for free for this review. []

Laudamus Te – Magazine for the Extraordinary Form

Thousands of Catholics are familiar with Magnificat, the magazine-missal resource for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a wonderful tool for people to follow along with the prayers of the Mass, without the need for a large hand missal. Although I am a fan of full missals, I know that they aren’t convenient or practical for everyone, especially the elderly.This is a wonderful product that allows people to deepen their faith and come to more fully engage with the Sacrifice of the Mass.

For Catholics that attend the Mass in the usus antiquior or Extraordinary Form, resources are much more scarce. While recent promotion of the form has allowed for a few really excellent hand missals to ramp up production, a periodical publication has not been available, until now. Continue reading


AK: Anchorage Dominicans to celebrate Rosary Sunday

As I still have a strong connection to Alaska, and intend to be back there soon enough, I will occasionally post updates on things there. Plus, a large contingent of my readers hail from there, so I have to keep them happy. Add to that the fact that the Cathedral there is served by the very devout Dominican Order, and you can bet I will be posting updates.

From the Catholic Anchor:

The Dominican religious order maintains an ancient practice to honor the rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the first Sunday in October. The Dominicans of Holy Family Cathedral will celebrate this custom on Sunday, Oct. 7 – feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. That day the 9:30 a.m. Mass will be celebrated as a sung high Mass according to the Dominican Rite. Dominican Father Michael Sweeney will deliver the homily. After the post-communion prayer, rosaries will be blessed. And fresh roses will be blessed as a sacramental and distributed to the congregation. The Mass will end with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Rosary Sunday will be preceded by a novena to Our Lady of the Rosary starting on Saturday, Sept. 29, at the 9 a.m. Mass. Throughout the novena, the rosary will be said a half-hour before all scheduled Masses.