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I Stand With Thomas Peters
I Stand With Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters, best known as “The American Papist” from his blog and his work with CatholicVote.org, was injured in a swimming accident months back. His long road to recovery has taken him and his family along the full spectrum of human emotion and spiritual battles.

Tomorrow, the Catholic Blogosphere will do a full social media assault in support of Thomas: You can find out more at the blog set up to chronicle his recovery: #IStandWithThomasPeters Day

Whether you can help with prayer, financial support, or just through spreading the word – every little bit will help.




New CatholicVote 2012 Video: “A Prayer for America”

Wow. Homerun.

Share far and wide.

This is Catholicvote.org‘s new 2012 election video. It might just be the best one yet. Really puts this election, and really everything into perspective.
As Archbishop Chaput reminds us:

Politics is important. How we vote in November will help choose
the course for our nation, for good or ill. But as Christians,
our story began long before this campaign season. It will
continue long after.




Subsidiarity Explained – A CatholicVote Video

CatholicVote is well known for producing really powerful videos. The newest one is no exception. Although it is a slightly different focus, it is still good nonetheless. The newest video tackles subsidiarity in about 3 minutes and with a wipe-off board.

Check it out: