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PTI: Hockey Strike – Ryan Miller

Occasionally I will post about something that isn’t really at all related to much of what this blog was created for. It will usually be something to do with hunting, trapping, sports, or ‘Doctor Who’. PTI stands for ‘Pardon the interruption.’

This one is about the Hockey Lockout/Strike. It is a statement from Ryan Miller, goalie for the Buffalo Sabres. He hits the nail on the head:

“In my mind, it always had to be January in Gary Bettman’s mind,” Miller said. “Obviously, he had something in his head and he was going to see how far he could take it. So there’s really no going up against Gary, when he has something in his head.”

I said this all along, and feel that fans should recognize it, and accept this as truth if nothing else. Gary Bettman is a problem for the NHL. He always has been, and always will be… unless the league undid everything he ever did. Even then, it wouldn’t be enough.

I guess at this point I am just glad to have hockey back.