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Thoughts on Justice & Mercy

Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy

St. Thomas Aquinas says this of MERCY:

…mercy is heartfelt sympathy for another’s distress, impelling us to succor him if we can.

Aquinas explains that MERCY is a virtue, and that it is a desire to avoid evil, and to move away from evil. Yet, I have always wondered if MERCY is required. For mercy can’t come without an understanding of JUSTICE.

Justice is a virtue as well.

So when I read about two situations of what I would call MERCY, I wonder if they are required by JUSTICE, or if they are acts of MERCY that are such because they extend beyond the JUSTICE that could be administered.

Deacon Greg Kandra wrote about both, the first being a teacher at a Catholic school who was fired for her pregnancy out of wedlock, a violation of her contract allegedly. The second, the Catholic funeral of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

ladyjusticesquareI believe both situations he describes are acts of MERCY, but if I argue that, does that mean that neither are acts of JUSTICE, but instead are MERCIFUL because they ascend JUSTICE only to transcend it?

Maybe that is how we should all seek to act. To seek out justice in our lives, and find opportunities, and the strength and mental vitality to ACT MERCIFULLY. In some cases think mercifully.

St. Thomas Aquinas – visually portrayed & an update

For those that don’t realize it, this blog was re-done in very minimal theme, but intentionally done in the black and white of the Dominican Order. A lot of my connection to Dominican spiritually is rooted in my appreciation for Thomistic thought and the Angelic Doctor himself.

The shield/sigil/logo I have was created by R. León over at Errantem Animum. The same is true for the Aquinas clip art down on the bottom right portion of my blog.

Recently, he created another depiction of St. Aquinas that I just love and wanted to share it with you:



You really should go check out his blog.


Also, a little update on the blog. I was just starting to post more frequently when my life took another fork in the road. I took a new position and within a week of that decision my family and I moved to a new city and diocese. We are still in Michigan, but we are no longer in our “hometown” area or diocese.

The job itself is a great opportunity for me, and while it is a modest position for me in some aspects, in others it will be quite exciting and rewarding. I feel blessed for the opportunity and my family and I are quite excited about or new adventure. We dont know the area at all, and only know a few folks that live around here. We really want to find a parish to settle into, find a group of friends, and dive back into the Church head-first. With Lent approaching, I am praying that we can do just that. Most of all I want a support network for my wife, and a group of people like we had in Alaska that spiritually lift us up.

I don’t know how this will impact my blogging, but I hope that it energizes it in a new way and gives me material to write about that is efficacious and helpful. Hopefully I will be able to regularly update, and that blogging once again becomes an exercise that gives me spiritual vitality.

A note about Masses and parishes: There is a local parish that has a Sunday E.F. Mass. Our first weekend here we didn’t know the parishes or schedule and went to the closest Church to our vicinity. This week we had to attend the Vigil Mass because of a family event tomorrow. So hopefully in the next week or two we will be able to get to it.

There will definitely be challenges along the way, both in our spiritual journey as well as secular one. Please keep us in your prayers if you could.